I walked into the theater with a thought that this movie is so much very great. It turns out that it is just a so so movie. Acting skills: no room to act.

Originality: yes, to me, the idea of stealing or inserting an idea from/into ohe’s mind during his/her dream is novel. (unless I’m not aware of this). However, several pieces in the movies are not original. For example, in the dream, you have a box of city (city can be fold) or a stair with illusion. Many ideas are exactly followed from the basic psychology.

Complicated: not at all. The idea of several layers of dreams is easy to follow. Not many twists. The conversation have no thought. In my dream, I would have a freedom to imagine, to dream. Here, the dreams have many rules to follow. You are boxed.

Spectacular: No!

Of course, if you just want to entertain, then it’s worth your time. But don’t expect too much. If I have to choose between Avatar and Inception, I would choose the first one.